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How do we make assessments about the progress that children are making in core areas of the National Curriculum?


We know our children really well at Fishbourne and measure their progress against a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that we have developed as a learning community. These can be seen for all year groups by opening the documents below.

In Year 2 and 6, we measure children’s attainment against national criteria that are outlined here:


Children’s progress is recorded from a baseline assessment at the beginning of a sequence of teaching to an assessment window which will be carried out away from the point of teaching. Progress will be measured and tracked between these two key points and at key points during the year.


Teaching teams are responsible for collecting evidence that demonstrates that the skills have been embedded in rich, open ended tasks and real life situations.


This data is collected and moderated on a termly basis to ensure that children are on track to meet the age related expectations and to ensure the curriculum is being covered. We meet as a team each half term to discuss the progress of children and put into place strategies to support any children who may be finding learning more challenging.