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Why is school attendance so important?

Attendance in school is really important! As a school, we are concerned that our overall attendance is suffering as a result of families choosing to take holidays during term time. Did you know that a child who is absent for just half a day of school per week will miss the equivalent of a year of their school life?

Absence at any stage leads to gaps in your child’s learning. This in turn can:

  • mean that they fall behind in learning
  • affect their motivation and confidence
  • affect their enjoyment of learning
  • affect their desire to attend school regularly
  • mean they miss out on the social life of school and extra curricular opportunities and experiences
  • affect their ability to have or keep friendships.

After half term, we are going to be awarding our class with the best attendance each week with a trophy to keep in their classroom for the week. 

This week, our attendance in school is:

Elephants: 98.9%
Penguins: 100%

Koalas: 98.62%

Panthers: 95%

Tigers: 99.33%
Meerkats: 100%
Pandas: 92.9%

Huge congratulations to Penguin and Meerkat class – we are really proud of your attendance this week!