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Staying Safe Online


The internet is a great way to learn new things, but it's also important to stay safe. 

During our whole school learning experience, Chicken Clicking, we focused on the vital area of online safety. As we all know, internet use is of great importance to all young people and the average child in secondary school is now spending up to 6 hours a day online (Ofcom 2018). Therefore, the ability to stay safe while online is paramount to our computing curriculum.

The day began with a Hook into the learning. Mr Cutting tailored 2 assemblies to suit the online safety needs of KS1 and KS2. The children were introduced to the day by reading the lovely book, Chicken Clicking, which got them thinking deeply about the need to stay safe online. In our key stages, we also built an online safety toolkit to remind us of the importance of online safety.

Our tools included:

  • A mobile phone - to remind the children to communicate with an adult if they are worried about what they may have seen or done online.
  • A padlock - to remind the children to create excellent passwords and to not share information.
  • A tube of toothpaste - to remind the children that once something is shared online it is impossible to get it back.

After this, each class concentrated on a single element of online safety. These included, ‘Can I have fun online?’, ‘Respecting others online’ and ‘How to protect my stuff’. Each class were set the challenge to write an End Goal. The end goal needed to be a very short pledge to stay safe online. These end goals have been displayed in our school ICT suite. Please pop in to have a read.


Here are some tips and tricks to stay safe online and become a super-surfer.  Click on the links below and take a look!