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Sports Leaders

We like to give children at Fishbourne CE Primary the opportunity to use their talents and gifts to make the school a better place to be! 

Each year, the children are asked to reflect on whether they can serve the school in some sort of leadership role. Sports are one of the many areas that our children can take on leadership roles. 

Our Games Leaders are trained annually to organise and lead games that other children can join in with. They learn how to collaborate and support other children to participate in a range of different opportunities. The training is led by a Sports Coach and the children are well equipped with knowledge and skills to carry out their role. 

This year we had dozens of volunteers and Mrs Goodman reflected carefully on them before assigning the roles to: 


I want to share my passion for sport and for everyone to enjoy sport as much as I do. I am fair and a good team player and will want to include everyone. I regularly volunteer at Junior Park Run ( a fun 2km run on Sundays). I often lead the warm ups and not forgetting that I am also resilient and determined and will do my best and never give up. 


I love sports and love helping people. I think it is good letting people try new things.


I am fair and kind. I am responsible and you can trust me to do a good job. I play lots of sports, including rugby, cricket, swimming and football. I have a younger sister which has taught me how to be more patient. 


I love playing games and doing sports. I love being a leader and I’m good with children and bonding with them. I’m a great friend to all. I’m also a very sporty person. 


I love sports and sport games. I am a gymnast and I train for 3-4 hours, 3 times a week. I am very competitive but also very generous. I work very hard! 


I love to help Curtis in PE and I did netball at Bishop Luffa before. I will do all of the jobs well. 


Football Referees

Rufus, Roscoe, Dylan, Dexter, Charlie, Ethan, Thomas, Ethan G, Oliver, Jamie