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Shelter Building equipment

We used our Thinking Circles to talk about some of the things we need to do to ensure we use the equipment safely. Representatives from each class met to discuss with Mrs Williams ideas and drew up a final set which has become our school agreement. 

These are our rules:

1)            Keep both feet on the ground.

2)            Work together as a team – collaborate and take turns!

3)            Stay safe – carry the equipment carefully and be aware of others.

4)            Be respectful to the equipment and to each other.

5)            Re-set the equipment at the end of each lunchtime.

6)            Have fun!

Everyone was really clear that we want to have different groups of children using the equipment together rather than using it in class based groups, so we have decided to make den building teams using our House Teams which will be on a rota so we can collaborate with different children across school. We are really looking forward to getting to know each other better using the equipment.

We also had the idea of introducing 'Dengineers' who would oversee the equipment being reset at the end of each day!

My experience with the shelter building equipment was amazing as it was awesome building from small huts to huge bases, and also, like Katie mentioned, it was an efficient method to collaborate! When we were constructing, although we didn’t finish it, me and my friends tried to make a huge hangout! The first time I saw the shelter building equipment my mind exploded with amazement!

Our new building equipment is great! It has lots of: wood, long wooden sticks and BIG sticks everything the school needs. In there we can discover our talents by making some dens.  Now there are 3 small dens and one big one with 2 floors.