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Pets as Therapy

We are so thrilled to have the privilege of working with Pets As Therapy on the Read 2 Dogs project! Every Wednesday lunchtime, Kassie arrives with her owner Sara and the school starts to fizz with excitement. Children and adults welcome Kassie and always stop to say hello! Kassie is a special dog - incredibly gentle and with a knowing look in her eye.

She currently works with a group of children who come and enjoy reading to Kassie for an hour. Kassie generally flakes out on a luxurious cushion while the children read to her, taking it in turns to stroke her and finding her tickle spots! After just three weeks, Kassie and the children greet each other like old friends and already it’s very clear to see the impact that she is having on them all. Kassie provides comfort, enhances self-esteem, motivates learning and brings our young people a great deal of delight.







A huge thank you to both Kassie and Sara for their amazing contributions to our school community – in the words of our special book: ‘there is only one you in this great big world Kassie, thank you for making it a better place!’

To find out more about the work of Pets As Therapy dogs, do have a look at the website below: