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Parent & school partnership

We know that when we work effectively in partnership with families, we can achieve a great deal! During the year, we have three key times when we feedback to you about your child’s achievements and progress, as well as discussing ways you can support them with their learning at home.

We hold the first Learning Review Meeting in the autumn term. During this time we reflect back on the progress your child made during the previous academic year and look ahead to the coming year. We share with you information about how well your child has settled into their new classroom and discuss their current targets.

In the spring term, we send home your child’s Mid-year Learning Progress Report. At Fishbourne, the children are active and accountable participants in their own learning. By reflecting on the children’s progress mid-year, we have an opportunity to work together in partnership to support the children in their learning. This process has the capacity to be very powerful for children, teachers and parents alike! We have been delighted with how well the new progress reports have been met by our learning community:  

 ‘We think the reports are excellent – it allows a two way process of reflection which is paramount for individual progression’

‘The timing of the report is empowering because I can now choose how I want to support my child with his continued learning this year.’

 ‘So much better to have the report at this time of year…overall the report was so much more personal’

‘The report is a fantastic document. I really appreciate the huge amount of planning and thought (and time) that has gone into creating them. They are highly individual and full of detailed observations on each child’s progress.’

 ‘So helpful to have goals for the remainder of the school year’

‘The children having ownership of their own reports can only be a good thing!’

 ‘We found the format SO much better. It was so personal and the teacher voice was lovely. This was a report to put in a keepsake box!’

Towards the end of the summer term we meet again to hold a second Learning Review Meeting to review the year and discuss the progress your child has made since the report came home in the spring.

If we have any concerns about your child and the progress they are making at school or their wellbeing, we will have already been in touch at regular intervals during the school year. We meet some families on a more regular basis to discuss progress and share the strategies we are using in school to support them. Similarly, we really encourage families to get in touch if they have any concerns or queries about their children’s learning at school.