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Forest School

The children at Fishbourne CE Primary School spend twelve afternoons at the ‘Secret Garden’ with Chichester Forest School during the school year. The twelve afternoons are split over two seasons to give them the opportunity to compare and contrast the woodland environment at different times of year.  

Forest School is a unique educational experience and process that offers children the opportunity to succeed and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland environment

During Forest School children may build a shelter, light small fire or use green woodworking skills to create and build objects from the woodland around them. Through this they will develop and learn the boundaries of behaviour, both physical and social, establish and grow in confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

Forest schools aims to develop in children the skills they need to be effective learners and nurtures a love of nature and the outdoors.

Forest School encourages children to:

• develop personal and social skills
• work through practical problems and challenges
• use tools to create, build or manage
• discover how they learn best
• pursue knowledge that interests them
• learn how to manage failures
• build confidence in decision making and evaluating risk
• develop practical skills
• explore connections between humans, wildlife and the earth
• regularly experience achievement and success
• reflect on learning and experiences
• develop their language and communication skills
• improve physical motor skills
• become more motivated
• improve their concentration skills