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Families Matter

Victoria Jones is our 'Families Matter' teacher. She works with us because we believe each of our families matter and we want to work in partnership with you. Victoria is happy to work with children and families who would like to engage with her to support a partnership between home and school.

At Fishbourne, we recognise that no matter what kind of family we have, it is special in its own unique way. We also know that families go through times when life is wonderful and times that can be really challenging and we want to be able to extend support to our families at all times.

Victoria also runs a Parenting Programme twice a year which lots of our families have found really helpful. This is an opportunity to share in the highs and lows of family life, seek some fresh ideas and build supportive relationships in school. Families who have taken part in the programme in the past have found it a really helpful time to reflect and look to the future:

'I have thoroughly enjoyed the course! It felt as though it set me up to be a better parent.'

'I loved it! I cannot express how important this has been for me. It was very gentle and warm, and gave me time to think about how to take my family forward in the very best possible way. The languages of love were incredibly helpful - for my children, but also for my husband and I.'

'I found the course hugely beneficial. Victoria, you have a great manner and a humility that helped me to be open and honest about our areas to work on.'