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At Fishbourne Church of England Primary School we believe in making learning irresistible!

By the time the children leave us, they will have blossomed into determined, courageous, positive and reflective learners who possess all the skills they need to work well both independently and collaboratively.

We believe that children learn best when they are excited by their learning and we do so much more than cover the National Curriculum! Our unique approach to the curriculum allows us to personalise learning to suit the needs of each of the children in our school through providing inspirational and challenging learning experiences.

Each learning experience is rooted in just one or two areas of the curriculum, allowing children time to explore and develop key knowledge and skills in these areas. An exciting and engaging hook into learning makes the experience simply irresistible and the children know from the outset exactly what they are setting out to achieve in the form of an End Goal. The steps of learning are then personalised, taking into account the starting point of each child to achieve the highest possible quality outcome.

We recognise that successful learners are determined, courageous, positive and reflective. The development of these behaviours underpin each of our bespoke learning experiences and go beyond the classroom.

For each year group please click on the Learning tab at the top of this page and the year group required to view the curriculum long term map.

Please do take the time to explore a range of our learning experiences at our school…

Y2 – Escape to the Country 

This Learning Experience was launched with the arrival of an Anderson Shelter in the school grounds and the transformation of the classroom into a very formal and unusually organised space! The End Goal was the children writing a wartime diary that reflected their understanding of being evacuated to an unknown location. The children learnt about the significance of this period in history; they spent time acting out some of the key experiences a wartime child may have had and then transferred these skills into their writing!

Y3 – Set in Stone 

Oral story telling set the backdrop to this wonderful historical Learning Experience in which the children found out all about the Stone Age. We turned our gazebo into a cave where the children produced fabulous pieces of cave art. These inspired the telling of exciting adventure stories which eventually they turned into written pieces and then were shared around the camp fire on dress up day!

Y4 – Disgusting Digestion! 

In this scientific Learning Experience, the children took an imaginary journey through the human digestive system! They then used all their non-fiction writing skills to produce a rather disgusting recount of their experience.

Y5 – We are architects 

The children were hooked into this Learning Experience by Phil Ward, an architect from West Sussex County Council, dropping in to meet the children. After telling them all about his role, he set them the task of designing a brand new space for the children at Fishbourne School using Draw-It, an IT programme. The children produced a technical, 3-dimensional drawing of their proposed project. They used the power of persuasion to write a pitch that was taken before a decision making panel.

Y6 -  Who do you think you are? 

In this scientific experience the children explored the themes of inheritance and evolution. They invented their own creatures that had become extinct using their fabulous imaginations and then wrote scientific descriptions of the animals using their growing writing toolkit to ensure they got just the right balance of glorious description with technical language!