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Book Worms

At Fishbourne CE Primary School we love to read! Everywhere we go, there are super books surrounding us – in classrooms, welcome areas, the library and Mrs Day’s office. There’s a book for every occasion and we love to celebrate our reading. We are very lucky to have an amazing library space in school which the children have designed themselves. It’s bright, colourful and jam packed full of great titles. Teachers at Fishbourne are readers too and there is always a lot of discussion about books, sharing titles we’ve enjoyed reading and encouraging each other to read.

Sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself with a new book, something you haven’t read before and we’ve put together a collection of websites that we think have some great suggestions.

Love Reading 4 Kids is a great website to peruse good books as it gives recommendations by age group as well as reviews and even some extracts to get a taste of the book before buying it. We highly recommend this site because there is such a lot to explore. One of our favourite parts is the ‘If they like… they’ll love’ where you can find suggestions about books you  may enjoy – it’s the perfect way to discover new authors!

There are a couple of links to articles below which you may like to read… these are suggestions about books you really should read during your childhood!

We are also extremely lucky to have our Book Worm team that is made up of some of the older children in Key Stage 2 who do a wonderful job of keeping our fantastic library space up to date.  Their role includes returning books to shelves, keeping the space neat and tidy, printing inspirational posters and messages to encourage pupils to read a variety of books, and generally give brilliant support to users of the library.