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Book Worms

At Fishbourne CE Primary School we love to read! Everywhere we go, there are super books surrounding us – in classrooms, welcome areas, the library and Mrs Day’s office. There’s a book for every occasion and we love to celebrate our reading. We are very lucky to have an amazing library space in school which the children have designed themselves. It’s bright, colourful and jam packed full of great titles. Teachers at Fishbourne are readers too and there is always a lot of discussion about books, sharing titles we’ve enjoyed reading and encouraging each other to read.

Sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself with a new book, something you haven’t read before and we’ve put together a collection of websites that we think have some great suggestions.

Love Reading 4 Kids is a great website to peruse good books as it gives recommendations by age group as well as reviews and even some extracts to get a taste of the book before buying it. We highly recommend this site because there is such a lot to explore. One of our favourite parts is the ‘If they like… they’ll love’ where you can find suggestions about books you  may enjoy – it’s the perfect way to discover new authors!

There are a couple of links to articles below which you may like to read… these are suggestions about books you really should read during your childhood!


Meet the Bookworms!
We have a group of wonderful little fish who have decided to make our school a better place to be by giving up their time to look after our library…

I LOVE reading! I read every morning and every evening, actually before I get out of bed! Because I read a lot, I can make lots of recommendations to people! I love being around books.

I love reading and find the library a joyful place to be! There are so many books to enjoy.

I really want to keep the library tidy because I want people to find the book that they are looking for.

I really like reading and I love the library. I really think it should not be in a mess at all so I think it is the perfect job for me!

I am dedicated to books. I read books when I am eating my breakfast and l read until midnight!

I absolutely LOVE books! One of my favourite things when tidying up is to do my bookshelf!

I love reading and listening to books – they give me inspiration. 

I like reading and I am good tidying!

I have always loved books and am a fast reader. The school library is my favourite place in school and I want to keep it nice. Sometimes I find that books are in the wrong place or sprawled on the floor – this really saddens me. It’s like the library is the immune system of the school and whenever books are on the floor, the whole building is affected. I want to help keep the school healthy!

I love books and I am really helpful!

I love to read books and I am very good at being tidy. I have read lots and lots of books!

I love reading!

I want to join because I will try to make the library clean and tidy

I love books and I would love to make the library a better place to be by tidying up, ordering books and simply encouraging people to read and go there more. I also love being in there surrounded by my favourite thing: books!

I love reading. I am tidy and I want to help other children learn to read.

Most of the day I read books!