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Flight of Doves

It all started with a little idea… a moment of inspiration in Chichester Cathedral where someone saw something that touched them… they welcomed that idea and gave it space to grow…

They shared it with someone else who welcomed the idea too, gave encouragement and the idea grew further! By the time the idea was shared with the children at school, it was welcomed with enthusiasm and we were well on the way to making it happen! You see, each of the doves hanging from the ceiling holds within it a prayer or hope for peace. There is a dove here from every child, every member of staff, every governor. They reflect the shared hope we have for peace in the world.

Last year, we built a connection with Sanctuary Chichester through a fundraising project. The children at Fishbourne, through their Thinking Circles, decided they wanted the money raised to be used to buy a copy of our school book, Only One You, for each child arriving in Chichester, seeking refuge. We are really grateful to everyone for their generous donations and will look forward to sharing with you the total raised at the beginning of the spring term.

You can read more about Peter Walker whose work has inspired ours here:

And Sanctuary Chichester whose amazing work all funds raised will support: