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Day 4 Residential by Noah

Today (for me) it was the best day out of all. First, we had abseiling which was my favourite activity because I had my own little job. My job was to unclip everyone and get it ready for the next person.

When I went down, I felt quite relaxed. I felt like I should qualify for a job on the f1 pit lane as I unclipped someone in sixteen seconds dead!

Another highlight of today was raft-building. It was really fun because we had to actually build the raft. It actually floated…..much to my surprise. My team were happy because we all got to jump in! Even though the water was freezing cold, we were still mad enough to jump in and have a splash.

Another activity that I liked today was den building because we built an extreme den! We only had ten minutes which meant we started rushing and the den sadly fell. After that we renamed it and called it “the den that survived the tsunami of Fairthorne”.

Another highlight was a campfire after dinner. We were lucky enough for Mr Servant to make an unexpected visit! We sang some jolly songs and had a good time.

We were all very tired because we’ve had a very busy but fun week!