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Day Two Residential- a write up from Mylo

We woke up this morning after our first nights sleep. Droopy yet excited, we rose out of are cosy beds. After our warm showers, we were shown to the dining hall for are tasty breakfast. We had pancakes and toast; the pancakes got demolished in seconds. 

After that, our group (group 1) got our wetsuits on for our stand-up paddle boarding on the lake. Excited and nervous we approached the lake, putting on our helmets and launching our boards on to the water. I was the first one on the lake! I confidently stood up and showed off! Maly and Noah approached me out on the lake; Noah tried to splash me with his oar. We got stuck in to some fun challenges which included a forward roll.  I failed in that one but Eliza and Evelyn succeeded. Our next task was to jump in. Maly and I  jumped in but something mysterious grabbed his leg. We will never know quite what it was! We eventually climbed back onto dry land and got ready for our next activity.

Once changed, we ran impatiently to our next activity - the vertical assault. We put our safety gear on and prepared for the climb. We were clipped onto our harnesses and are friends ascended. It came to my turn. First, I had to climb a wobbly ladder. As I got higher, I came to a rope net which I zoomed up like a pro. Next was the trickiest of them all - the tyres. It took me time but I finally got up. The fun part was when I had to jump off and got lowered down! 

Next we came to the low ropes. We had to work as a team as one person attempted the task whilst the others supported them, holding their hands out ready to catch them if needed. The hardest part was when we had to balance on a pole whilst reaching up for a rope. It was challenging but awesome. 

Lastly we took part in initiative tests. Once we learned when that meant, we attempted the tasks! One of these was to cross the hall without touching the floor. Mrs Williams encouraged us to use tiles and to work as a team. We soon found out that we had lots of leaders in our group and we needed to listen to each other. 

To finish the day we had sausages and mash potatoes. We then gathered together to reflect on the day and enjoy a hot chocolate. 

We then snuggled up in the corridor to listen to our class story, Letters from the Lighthouse before FINALLY going to bed! 

A report By Mylo