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Creating stories in Theatre

Koala Class have been incredibly privileged to take part in a six week course of workshops from the wonderful Chichester Festival Theatre. They have been leaning about what it takes to create stories in theatre.

To do this the children have learnt all about the importance of teamwork, determination and compromise.  Mrs Treagust has been thrilled with how well they have taken on challenge, producing inventive pieces exceeding all of our expectations. Skills have included improvisation, narration, image work, soundscapes and action. Luke, our, facilitator, has provided us with exciting games and activities to develop our understanding of the theatre in action. Here are the Koala’s views………

“I like how you can use your imagination freely and come up with your own ideas to tell a story.” Evelyn

“ I liked the acting because we made lots of sounds.” Sophie

“I enjoyed the detective games and acting.” Michael

“It’s really fun to freeze in the moment.” Erin

“Making a story about the ‘Three Little Pigs’ is running around imagining you are in a different place. “