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Behaviour for learning and life

On the last day of half term we held one of our favourite fundraisers of the year, Bend the Rules day! On this day, the children are allowed to bend the rules if they pay a small amount of money to Friends of Fishbourne School. This gave us a great platform to talk about why we have rules in school and beyond in the wider world!

We started our day by sharing the fabulous story of ‘You Must Bring a Hat’ by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley where we started our discussions about what happens when the rules aren’t clear. Then we spent time reflecting on which behaviours are positive and which are negative. We realised that the problem with rules is that if there are too many of them, it’s really hard to remember them all. In fact, penguin class talked a lot about all the ‘silent rules’ we have in school…ones that we just know and so don’t talk about!

So… we decided that what we needed was an easy way of remembering our rules and during the afternoon we collaborated together to come up with just three or four words that would cover everything! This wasn’t as easy as it sounds! At 230pm we all came together on Zoom to share the words we had decided on and here are the ideas:

ready, commit, responsible, prepare, alert, safe, aware, kind, polite, respectful, care, enjoy and positive  

The next step is for us to put our thinking hats on and carefully reduce this list to a final three or four! We look forward to updating you with these words as soon as we are ready!

Behind the scenes, as a result of some superb training we did with Releasing Potential, we have also been updating our Behaviour Policy which is now in draft form. A team of adults in school have become our ‘Behaviour Champions’ who are trialling some of the ideas and will be supporting colleagues with further training during the summer term.

There is an opportunity for our families to hear more about our new Behaviour for Learning and Life Policy during Cuppa and Chat on Friday 16th July between 2.15pm and 2.45pm. More news on this coming soon!