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Wish List

Last week we launched our Amazon Wishlist and we have been utterly blown away by the generosity of our Fishbourne families. Here are the books that have arrived in school this week!

Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight

These will shortly be making their way into our amazing library where the children will be able to browse through the collections on offer and choose something to borrow. Our children are so lucky to have such a wonderful collection of books, exploring so many important themes!

At Fishbourne, we LOVE to read and inspire our children to devour great books! We have our own Patron of Reading and our own Reading Newsletter - we eat, breathe and sleep books! Our wish is for the children to grow up with the same love of books that is shared by so many of us! Keeping our library and classrooms fully stocked with books is really important and so we invite you to donate a book to our school library if you possibly can. We will put a special bookplate into the book thanking your family for your donation to our school. We have set up an Amazon Wish List from which you can support us in this way are able to do so: