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...making the world a better place!

On Monday January 4th, our little fish returned from the Christmas holidays to start the spring term. By 8pm that day, we found that due to the worsening pandemic we would be closing our doors to most of our families.

Tuesday 5th January was an emergency INSET day during which time the leadership team met with the staff and governors to decide how best to move forward and put our first Learning Letter of Lockdown 2021 into place. In this letter we challenged the children to make the world a better place by writing to the every day heroes in the NHS to say thank you for the amazing work they are doing in the fight against Covid-19.

Our little fish rose to this challenge magnificently and wrote some beautiful, heart felt letters that were sent out to the everyday heroes in our local hospitals.

Unbelievably, they took time out of their incredibly busy schedules to say thank you for making their world a better place to be.

Do follow this link to watch their film: