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Circus Wonderland

Children in Penguin and Panther classes were very lucky last week to go to Circus Wonderland. Both classes are learning about the circus. 

Year 4 are using the book, The Girl who walked on air by Emma Carroll, as the focus of their whole class reading. The story is set in the circus and centred around 11 year old Louie, desperate to become the new showstopper! 


Year 2 are in the middle of a design technology inspired learning experience inspired by the circus. 


This gave the perfect opportunity for some collaboration and a trip to the circus was planned. As it turned out Circus Wonderland put on a show especially for us and we all sat ringside and enjoyed 90 minutes of hilarious and nail biting acts! The most fantastic element of the experience was the question and answer session at the end with the whole cast of the show when the children were really able to understand more about the circus. The children’s questions reflected a deep level of curiosity and real fascination. We were so proud of them all for being outstanding ambassadors of our school. 


A huge thank you to Circus Wonderland for giving us such an amazing experience too!