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Teaching For Mastery

Following the recent training about the ‘fluency’ element of teaching for mastery in maths, Mrs Harris and Mrs Buchan led a further session about how to plan for fluency within a lesson.

Staff are now taking part in a lesson study, exploring the enquiry question: ‘What is the impact on fluency within the lesson as a result of planning with a mastery approach?’ Staff are zooming in to their planning, using a single question to:


-pull out structure and representation
-explore ways of solving the problem and strategies that do and don’t work
-change the number in the question slightly to explore what happens to the structure and answer
-change the problem while keeping the numbers the same

The teaching team will then deliver their session and then have time to reflect on it with Mrs Buchan and Mrs Harris by looking at the planning and resulting learning in the children’s books.

This developmental approach, inspired by the Lesson Study model, replaces ‘lesson observations’ as we believe our staff benefit so much more from the collaboration and professional discussion. We look forward to updating you on our findings later in the term!