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Thinking Circles

During our Thinking Circles this half term, we have a focus on wellbeing.  We know that feeling happy is vital if we are going to be able to learn effectively .

As a result, we feel it is essential we talk openly about how we can ensure that everyone in our learning community feels happy and safe. Our key question for Thinking Circles this half term is: What can get in the way of feeling happy at school? We have started collecting our thoughts about how we can make school a happy, safe environment for us all to learn collaboratively and happily.


Representatives from each of our class met with Mrs Williams and Mrs Day on Friday lunchtime to share the feedback from their classrooms which was really interesting. There were some commonalities between year groups which included:


*the challenge of finding a quiet space to reflect when in school *privacy - when getting changed for PE and in the toilets *having time to talk to teachers 1:1 when there is something worrying us This is really good feedback for our team to reflect on and we certainly will look into ways of making each of these things happen more effectively in school.


The purpose of 'Cuppa and Chat' this Friday (31st January) is to have a similar discussion with parents.


The children will be invited to add to this display outside Mrs Martin’s office with their own reflections so do pop in and have a look at some of their ideas!