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Reading for pleasure

Last night our staff team got together to spend time with our wonderful Rebecca Webb from the Uni of Chichester to talk books!

As a team, we LOVE books and so this is always a real treat!

We started the session by watching Sophy Henn’s latest video update which was super – she shared with us the TOP SECRET ideas she has for her brand new chapter book series and we actually saw the new character. The children will be seeing the film today in their assembly – do ask them about it!

Then staff had the opportunity to share books they have recently read or used in their classrooms. It was fascinating to hear about the different books – picture books and novels that we had been enjoying. Such a range!


We’ve also been given a new ‘reading questionnaire’ to share with our children – they are designed to get an insight into our children as readers so that we can plan for their unique next steps of learning to reading for pleasure. We are really looking forward to seeing the outcome of these surveys and being able to start planning for our children.