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We have enjoyed an AMAZING hook into our whole school learning experience this morning, provided for us by John-Paul McCrohon and his team.

We were 'hooked' into our Christmas learning experience by  wonderful theatre company, who came to tell us the Nativity story. This include traditional songs, audience participation and even our own children taking the main stage! All year groups thoroughly enjoyed this and we were astounded by the quality of the questions that they asked the actors after the show. Some examples of these were:


How old was Mary  when Jesus was born?

How long did they have to stay in Egypt before King Herod died?

What became of Mary and Joseph after Jesus went to teach the people?

Was the star also the angel?

How did King Herod know where baby Jesus was?




The discussion and reflection that came out of the performance was amazing. Not only did the children astound us, but the quality of the singing and acting of the performers was incredible. The atmosphere in the school hall was remarkable.  What a wonderful start to our last learning experience of this term.   One child passed through the hall after the show and exclaimed, "This was the best show in the world."


Please do talk to your children about it when they come home from school today!



Keep an eye out on our website, in our newsletter and on twitter for updates about our Nativity learning experience in the coming days!


We look forward to sharing the children’s learning with you on the afternoon of Wednesday 18th December from 2.30pm.