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'Eggciting' News!

Elephant class have had a very ‘eggciting’ week. On Tuesday, one of the eggs we have been looking after hatched.

We were all ‘eggstatic’ at our new little bundle of joy. Although we don’t know if it is male or female yet, it seemed fitting to name him our chick Bruce as he hatched shortly after our Ofsted inspector left Tuesday evening! 


We cannot believe the impact Bruce has had on the whole school with staff and children from every class popping down to visit him. He is the friendliest little fluff ball and being the only little chick (at the moment) Bruce is looking for company so he has been very busy touring around the school. Bruce has visited the staff room, the offices, Mrs Goodman’s house and even attended the governors meeting. We will keep you updated on our ‘eggstrodinary’ little chick!