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Living History

Koala class have been journeying back in time to 1939-1945 and exploring this hugely significant period of history.

Hooking them into this learning was the arrival of a trunk of artefacts which the children explored. We then discovered through enquiry, just what life was like for many evacuees during this time.


To truly get an insight, we came to school dressed as an evacuee and waved goodbye to our parents. We then left on a train for the countryside where we were met by an incredible man, Mr Maynard. This truly amazing gentleman took us back to the day he left London to reach the safety of the countryside. The children listened intently to his story and were moved by his retelling made even more special by the fact that we met him on May 8th - VE Day. It can’t be said enough, what an incredible privilege it was to meet Mr Maynard. He absolutely brought history to life for our young historians! A day that won’t be forgotten.