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Thinking Circles

Our theme for Thinking Circles this half term is 'the future of house points' and it's proving to be a very interesting discussion.

For those families who may remember, we have historically had a house system at Fishbourne which was used for a collection of purposes including: house points (a reward system), sports day organisation and  house team days. A couple of years ago, we stopped the house points in school and classes introduced their own rewards, giving them greater autonomy. We knew we wanted to review this and now seems a good time! 

The overwhelming feelings amongst our Deep thinking children were: 

-they didn't want House Points to be re-introduced because they liked the variety of approaches in different year groups which kept things fresh as they moved through the school. House Points, they felt, had become boring and weren't fairly distributed throughout  the school. 

-they hugely value working with children in other year groups and would very much like more opportunities to do this on a more regular basis. They thought the house teams helped.

-most passionately, they believe that house teams for sports day are unfair because the teams aren't fairly matched. They felt the yellow team had won sports day repeatedly and the teams needed to be more balanced. 

It has been super to hear the children's views today and we will take these away to share with the staff team and find a way forward. We will hold another Thinking Circle shortly after Easter during which we will share our proposals and get the children's feedback. Watch this space!