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We are passionate about our environment and making our children aware of issues that impact it.

In the last term, our children in Year 4 have explored the issue of waste, children in year five have learnt about whaling in Japan and written passionate letters to the Japanese government urging them to reconsider their views on the matter.

We also have issues that impact on our immediate environment. Recently we have been looking at our own school grounds and have felt deeply saddened by the increasing amount of litter that seems to find itself into the school grounds. Our approach is two-fold:

-educating our school community and having a zero tolerance approach to the dropping of litter
-ensuring that there is no litter in the school grounds by taking responsibility for checking and collecting if the need arises

Our children are embracing this and each lunchtime there are dozens of willing volunteers to use our litter picking equipment. We will celebrate the day the children return after lunch having found no litter at all that they can pick up, in the meantime we will continue to raise children’s awareness by being proactive in our approach to collecting it.