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Year 2 Dinosaur Exhibition!

Just before half term Koala Class showcased their 3 week Learning Journey in the form of an exhibition! The children had worked incredibly hard to craft a piece of non fiction writing.

They started by looking at a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like!) and they decided what they liked and what they didn’t like about the piece. They then thought about what visitors to their exhibition might want to read about. They thought about ways to excite their readers! The children then followed a series of steps to try out different writing tools such as alliteration and  different sentence types. All the time the children were asked to think, will my reader understand what I have written and will they enjoy it?


Once the children had drafted, edited and then published their work, they set off to ensure the exhibition had lots of other important elements! A gift shop with wonderful clay dinosaurs and fossils, a tea shop with yummy cakes and drinks, super art work, a fact corner, demonstrations to show how tall dinosaurs were and lastly a raffle to win a prehistoric bone!

Thank you to our wonderful families who ensured their little palaeontologists looked the part and who attended the event to support their child.