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Pledge Writing

This afternoon, the children are busily planning, drafting, sharing, evaluating, revising, editing AND publishing their Safer Internet pledges!

It's great to see this valuable process taking place intensively on a very short piece of writing that all the children can access in an age appropriate way! Here are some of the results:

I promise not to go on the internet without telling  a grown up. I promise I won't go on the internet and talk to people who I don’t know.

I pledge to make a robust and locked password to keep my identity safe. It will also keep my private things safe. It will use symbols, letters and numbers.

Online, I always try my best to maintain my pledge to be civil to other internet users and be positive, never-ever negative, towards other people.

I pledge to always tell a trusted adult if I see any inappropriate content or language online (this could include cyber-bullying). I will notify an adult immediately.

I pledge that I will use the internet safely by asking a trusted adult before I do anything. I will not: post something bad or without someone's permission, say unkind words and I will not add or accept people who I don’t know. I will be brave and report or block people if someone is being inappropriate.