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The Sky is not the Limit

You’ll never know how high you can fly if you don’t spread your wings…


Today we have been incredibly privileged to welcome Amanda Newton to Fishbourne Primary.

She came to talk to us about the values of courage, determination and positivity and the way she applies these to her everyday life following an accident which left her without the use of her legs. You may have seen her on DIY SOS when her home in Yapton was converted to make everyday life a bit easier. Her story and approach to life , both before and after the accident, is inspirational and has given us all lots to think about. Do have a look in our newsletter coming out later this week to find out more!


At the beginning of a fortnight in school spent reflecting on ourselves as learners and our learning behaviours of: courage, determination, positivity, collaboration and reflection she helped HOOK us into this special time. Following our assembly when she spoke to the whole school, she is now leading workshops in Penguin, Tiger and Meerkat classes. She has also given us a copy of her book ‘The Sky is Not the Limit’ which we will be keeping in our entrance hall so that children and parents can have a look. If you’d like to know more about it, you can read reviews and get your own copy here: