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100 New Library Books!

We are delighted to be adding one hundred BRAND NEW books to our amazing library space in school! Working in collaboration with The Book Nook in Hove (if you’ve never visited, you really should!),

We have put together a collection of books designed to appeal particularly to our Year 3 and 4 readers who we hope will love devouring some of them and letting us know what they think. We are going to mark these books with a special sticker to help the children in lower Key Stage 2 spot them in the library.


We know that those children who read widely and who love to devour books generally love writing too! It’s because they have no shortage of ideas when they come to putting pen to paper. We have an increasing number of children in school who are becoming readers… children who genuinely love to pick up a book and get lost in its pages. We have three extra-curricular book groups that currently take place in school, each in  a slightly different way depending on its members… one meets monthly and always involves cake and discussion of the book that the children read that month, another includes a rather gorgeous dog called Kassie who is a great listener and one meets weekly and devours a book over a mug of hot chocolate with lots of chat! Each of the groups sets out to give children an amazing experience and help them learn to value how wonderful the gift of reading is.


In September, the National Literacy Trust released a new research report, Mental wellbeing, reading and writing, which found that children who read and write in their free time have significantly better mental wellbeing than their peers. You can read more about this research here:


These new books will be available in the library shortly. If you are a parent of a child in Year 3 or 4, please do feel really welcome to pop into school to peruse some of these new titles if you would like to!

If you are interested in visiting The Book Nook, please note that their new website is currently under construction but you can find out more, including directions for visiting here: