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We are authors!

On Friday a group of enthusiastic young authors came bounding in clutching their learning journals and clearly rather proud of themselves! 

In response to a science based learning experience, the children are reading extracts of Frankenstein and producing pieces of descriptive writing inspired by the text. On this occasion, the children had been writing collaboratively, experimenting with language and ensuring a consistent tense throughout. 

This FIRST DRAFT produced by one such partnership is super. The quality of the writing is inspiring and although it is yet it go through the editing stages mentioned in our newsletter this month, it is clear to see that the quality and standard of the writing is incredibly high. It was so lovely to see such a motivated, inspired and talented group of writers engaging with their collaborative learning with such positivity and determination! Now it's time to move into the reflective stage...

Isn't it amazing the progress children make from Reception when they are mark making through to seven years later creating pieces like this?