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Out of this world!

Our Christmas production is now ON and the children gave their debut performance to family members this morning… WOW!

What a magical, wonderful display of our children at their very best – giving 100% of themselves. We were bursting with pride for each and every person involved. The children sang their hearts out and we could hear every single word, delivered with great enthusiasm and expression.


Fishbourne Primary is an exciting place to be as our talented staff continue to push the boundaries of possibility! A spaceship lands in the middle of the hall (quite literally!) and the children perform to their audience in the round. When asked how our teaching team achieve this, I think the core reason is ‘relationships’ – knowing the children, believing in them and championing them to become the best they possibly can be. Today, each of our children performed to the very best of their ability and stood up oozing with self-belief.   



A huge thank you and well done to everybody involved in the production – children, staff and all the parents who have supported us with helping children to learn their lines, creating spaceships in their living rooms, serving coffee and mince pies and so much more! What a team!