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The Angel Auditions

CYE returned to Fishbourne this week to deliver their Christmas assembly. This is always a highlight for our community in the build up to Christmas and always has a focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

This year's assembly was particularly brilliant and warmly received by our enthusiastic audience. There was a great deal of laughter as the angels auditioned for a place in the heavenly choir and the judges didn't hold back!

As it turned out, poor Angel Gabriel did not to have the voice of an angel! As we know, God did have a pretty special job lined up for Gabriel. This story reminded us that we each have our own gifts that make us unique - we can't all be great at everything, but we are all great at something! In the same we each have our own finger print that is different to everyone else's, we each have different personalities that make us ourselves. The message resonated loudly to our children because this is our 'only one you' vision at Fishbourne Primary.

'There is only one you in this great big world... make it a better place!'

At the end of assembly, our Meerkat and Panda classes stayed behind to say hello to the team who they met during their Y5 residential to CYE. CYE is an exceptionally special place where the children form lifelong memories. The staff at CYE mentor, support, encourage and champion the children during their 36 hour stay and give them plenty to take away.