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Leadership at Fishbourne Primary

We are incredibly fortunate at Fishbourne Primary to have a team of middle leaders who support the development of our learning community.

Our leadership team is made up of Mrs Buchan, Mrs Potter, Mrs Rinaldi, Mrs Treagust, Mrs Williams and Mrs Harris. Each has different gifts and skills they bring to the team and a number of different responsibilities that they oversee as well as their classroom roles. 

As a team, we reflect regularly on current classroom practice, monitoring through book looks and lesson study, before measuring the impact that our teaching has on the children. 
This week, we spent time reflecting on our approach to learning at Fishbourne and identifying the core principles that underpin our approach. We plan to develop this into a document which is used by all stakeholders at our school: staff, children parents, governors and volunteers, to communicate our core principles- our philosophy for teaching and learning. 
In this collection of photos, you may get a sneak preview of these principles and we look forward to sharing the document with you in the new year. Of course, there should be no surprises as these principles are lived out in our everyday approach to teaching and learning at Fishbourne!