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Speak out - stay safe

During Choose Respect week, we have welcomed a visit from the NSPCC to talk to the children about ways they can stay safe.

We all worry about things – children and adults alike.  We know that if we don’t share our worries, they can get bigger and bigger until we carry round a huge number of them. Different people find it helpful to share worries in different ways – some like to talk about them, others find it harder to do so.

At school, there are a number of ways children can share their worries:

  1. Each classroom team of adults is always on hand to share worries with.

  2. Mrs Day and Mrs Buchan who will always be very happy to talk with children about a worry. The children have been reminded that they can always feel free to come and have a chat if there is something that is worrying them.

  3. There is a Worry Box in each classroom which children can put their worry in, either with their name on it so the teacher can talk directly to them about it or without a name on it which means it might be talked about through Circle Time, or in some other way.

We can’t promise we can fix all children’s worries straight away, but we can promise that they won’t have to face them alone!

The NSPCC also talked to the children about a telephone line that they can call. Childline is a free, private and confidential service which children can use. Whatever their worry, whenever they need help, however they want to get in touch. Childline is here for them online, on the phone, anytime.

Childline - 0800 1111 (free of charge)

Online, on the phone, anytime