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Choir performance

Today we took a small group from our huge ‘Young Voices’ choir to perform at the opening of Fishbourne Companions.

Accompanied by Mr Servant, the children performed with confidence and were super ambassadors of our school. Wonderfully smiley, friendly faces were seen across the room as companions and children joined together to sing for the first time.

We are thrilled to build a link with the Fishbourne Companions and recognise the really positive impact this will have on our school community. A group of our children will be visiting them on the second Tuesday of each month and taking part in a ‘Bridging Generations’ Project. Today marked the start of a special relationship between Fishbourne Companions and Fishbourne CE Primary School.  

Young Voices is coming up at the end of January and the choir is sounding superb. We are looking forward to our adventure to London where we will join a choir of 8000 children performing to a packed O2 Arena – a truly magical experience for everyone involved!