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  • 15/06/21

    Tiger class go on an adventure...

    This week though, our Tigers are out and about enjoying lots of different adventures! Today they are at CYE on Chichester Harbour, having a wonderful range of experiences.
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  • 14/06/21

    'We Cannot Walk Alone'

    This week it is Refugee Week. Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary.
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  • 11/06/21

    Little Fish Fete

    What an exciting week of learning we enjoyed in school! On Monday, the children were hooked into their learning with a film that presented them with a problem – the cancellation of the School & Church Fete!  
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  • 10/06/21

    The Apprentice

    Hippo class are creating 211 smoothies for our Little Fish Fete on Friday so we thought we should call in the experts to give us some advice! Larry’s parents own Shakadelic Dessert Bar in Chichester and make the MOST delicious smoothies and treats!
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  • 07/06/21

    Behaviour for learning and life

    On the last day of half term we held one of our favourite fundraisers of the year, Bend the Rules day! On this day, the children are allowed to bend the rules if they pay a small amount of money to Friends of Fishbourne School. This gave us a great platform to talk about why we have rules in school...
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  • 21/05/21

    a Special Class Visit!

    Hippo class had a fantastic morning with a member of Christopher Columbus’ crew. The crew member was called John Grey and we had a fantastic time interviewing him, drawing him, looking at artefacts and learning how to play some old board games.
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  • 19/05/21

    Getting Fishbourne Fighting Fit!

    We have been delighted that 85% of our little fish have signed up for our before and after school sporting opportunities this term. These sessions are free of charge and funded fully through our Sports Premium, giving all our young people high quality sports beyond the school day in the safety of th...
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  • 14/05/21

    How to grow wild flowers

    This term, Penguins class started to learn about planting, growing and the impact on our  environment. 
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  • 13/05/21

    Plastic Pollution!

    Hippo Class make the Fishbourne Playing Fields a better place to be!
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  • 22/04/21

    Making the world a better place to be!

    We are so proud of these four children in elephant class who set out to make the world a better place to be.
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  • 31/03/21

    Celebrating Easter

    It was WONDERFUL to welcome Moira to school this morning to lead our celebration of Easter. Moira led the service from the hall, with each of our classes joining from their own classroom bubbles!
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  • 19/03/21

    Wish List

    Last week we launched our Amazon Wishlist and we have been utterly blown away by the generosity of our Fishbourne families. Here are the books that have arrived in school this week!
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